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Tough Tested is our Premium Heavy Duty Brand of Accessories made for people who work in rough or tough environments and need their cellular accessories to keep up with their workplace or lifestyle.

All of the accessories sold come with a 5-year Warranty, Excellent Packaging, and Great Quality

We have three main categories of Products, Power, Protection, and Audio

We have the following Products for power

Solar Power Banks

Wireless Warehouse Wholesale carry waterproof and rugged Tough Tested Solar Power Banks that range from 6,000 to 16,000mAh equipped with flashlight.


Tough Tested Chargers are equipped with InstaSense™ –  a revolutionary technology that detects the Amperage requirement of each of your devices – whether you need to charge a phone, a tablet, or a GPS device, Tough Tested Chargers will charge your devices without a hitch.

USB Charging Cables

Tough Tested Cables are made either with braided cables, weave cables, or coiled cable, some of which made with PET polymer woven jacket for extreme durability. Wireless Warehouse carry different lengths from 4’ to 10’, and types of cable, from 30 Pin, 8 Pin, and Micro USB. Most of our cable also come with a Cord Manager.

For Protection we carry all the tough pouches you will need to help keep your mobile device protected

Tough Tested phone carrying pouches are made with heavy duty magnetic closure and rotating locking belt latch. Most of the cases we carry contain 6-point security that helps to keep your phone in place. Extra reinforced to ensure the safety of your devices.

Audio - We carry a diverse selection of wired and Wireless Bluetooth Headphones that allow you to connect to your mobile device and use your phone safely and securely in any environment.

Most of Tough Tested Bluetooth headphones and headsets that Wireless Warehouse Wholesale carry are waterproof, and made braided Kevlar cables – equipped with easy to operate switches and buttons to make your life easier. Tough Tested are not only made tough, but they are also made to reduce noise, while maintaining a proper balance between internal and external surrounding noises. If you need to take a call without jeopardizing your safety, the EQ Voice™ technology equipped with every headset comes in very handy by raising your call volumes without drowning out outside noise completely.

Wireless Warehouse also has our Tough Accessories line made for professionals and individuals whose workplace, job, and/or lifestyle demand them to have accessories that can keep up. All of our Tough Accessories line are of Premium Quality, Excellent Design, Great Packaging and come with a 5-year warranty.