Turtle Back Cases

We also have Premium Branded Accessories such as Turtleback cases which are made in the USA, High Quality Genuine Leather and Heavy Duty Nubuck/Nylon with Metal Belt Clips, made for the any tough environment. These cases and pouches are available for the most popular phone models, and offer a great alternative to plastic belt clips which can break easily. Once you try our Turtle Back cases you will know why they are rated #1 for Quality Cases and we are proud to be a distributor and to have them available for you.

Started over 18 years ago, Turtleback cases have continuously been one of the best when it comes to 100% American-made high quality leather cases and metal belt clips. With 6 styles to choose from:

Wallet Holster


Flip Phone Holster

Magnetic Closure

And Snap Closure

That caters to most make and models of phones. These industrial cases are guaranteed to last, no matter where life may take you.