What Makes an Accessory Premium?


What Makes an Accessory Premium?

What makes an accessory premium? What makes it stand out from the other accessories that are not so premium?  What makes it the added costs of purchasing it worth it?  In this article, we aim to answer the question by counting the ways.


The foremost thing that makes an accessory premium is the hardware.  The last time that we went outside to check out an accessory, which is just a few hours ago, we noticed that the hardware is very different in premium accessories.

The hardware is often made up of different materials that are more durable and lasts longer than expected compared to the less premium one.  The hardware makes the warranty stronger but sometimes it also makes the warranty policy stricter, but let us not dwell further into that.


The one thing that we noticed from premium accessories is that the smell is different depending on the classification of the item.  So if it is an accessory classified as premium, it probably does not have that plastic smell and has more of that new car smell.  Try it out and see for yourself.


Speaking of warranty, the warranty that accessory makers give for premium accessories are definitely better than those of ordinary accessories.  They are stricter as well, as we have said earlier.

The best part is that these premium accessories really carry the name and the quality of the brand that they represent so it is definitely not a surprise that they are classified as so.  The warranty is better since some even go as far as replacing the items even if it has been used for six months already.

The ones we stated here may not necessarily be true for all accessories but they are still worth mentioning since they really stand out.


Attached to all other capabilities of a premium accessory is the durability.  There are different ways that this is shown:

  • Water Proof or Water resistant –  A premium accessory often carries an IP68 rating when it comes to dust and water proofing
  • Scratch resistant –  Those who have accessories definitely know that scratches can be very frustrating and it is definitely a quality of a premium accessory to be scratch free.
  • Weather resistant –  All kinds of weather resistance can be withstood by premium accessories, or at least that is what it says so on the premium quality labels.


Whether we like it or not, even if premium accessories often cost a fortune, they also protect our gadgets the way that they should.  After all, it is not always the gadget that they need to protect but the memories that can be found in those gadgets.  The best thing about it is that we can get quality premium accessories nowadays without a lot of add on because a lot of stores already offer low priced accessories that are of superior quality. Go ahead and try our premium accessories, we are sure that nobody ever regrets buying one.