Why Is Going Prepaid a Cheaper Option?


Every month we dread checking our mail for one reason – bills.  Our families may forget we exist for a moment. Our friends may be very busy to keep in touch, but our bills will always be there waiting for us. 

We all had that moment where we see a bill and we know right then and there that we will be eating out of fast food trays for the rest of month.  This happens to most mobile users on a postpaid line but let us let you in on a little secret:  You would save more money by getting a prepaid mobile than a postpaid one.

We get it. The advertising agencies are really good when it comes to making you believe that the postpaid plans are cheaper than the prepaid ones. After all, who does not like paying a small amount for a lot of freebies and eventually getting the latest model of mobile phone while at it?  Who does not like free services?

The real question now is:  do you really save money by going postpaid?  Or do you just end up paying more for services that you do not actually need?

Here is a quick answer: Going prepaid is a cheaper option.

How do we say so? 

Let us talk about the services and the add-ons.  Most postpaid providers would give you value add-ons that would make you think you are getting a better deal than buying the prepaid version.

They all put words like top up, free, additional, plus, and bonuses that all sound like you are indeed getting a lot more than what you are paying for, but are you really?  In the first place, do you really need all of those services that are add-ons or are they just there to make you believe that you are getting more?

Imagine, if you get a $199 plan for a lock-in period of 24 months, you are paying a total of $4776 for a $900 phone because of the add-ons; that is more than $3000 for services that you are not even sure you need. There are even some providers which do not let you choose the options and you have to make a decision based on whatever is available on their postpaid menu.

On the other hand, if you buy a prepaid phone at, say, $999. You can control how much you can consume by getting prepaid services that are also priced very cheaply to address the prepaid market.

Unlimited services like unlimited data, unlimited texting, and unlimited calls are all available in prepaid. 

Let’s be honest, you do not even need all of those unlimited offers, you only really need unlimited data and you can contact everyone using social media so when you think of it, you just really need a basic phone with a steady warranty and you are good to go.

Look at how you consume and check if you are really getting value for your money because we can guarantee that with a certain amount of self-restraint, going prepaid is still always the better option; and with that, you have one less bill to worry about.