What type of repairs does Wireless Warehouse Wholesale provide?


We offer repair services for corporate cell phones, tablets, and other media devices. This includes cracked screens, problems with displays, water damage, low Wi-Fi connections, and much more.


What types of devices are serviced?


Our professional team works on a wide range of cell phones, tablets, and other media devices, including Samsung Galaxy phones, iPads, and Dell tablets, among others.


Are repairs guaranteed?


Absolutely. Wireless Warehouse Wholesale offers a 100% guarantee within the first 90 days on all repairs performed in our state-of-the-art facility.


How do I see the latest inventory that you carry?

Our online inventory is updated regularly. However, you can request and schedule an emailed version of the inventory.


What if my item/s are defective?

Although we get our inventory from high-quality sources, because we process thousands of items per day, our team may commit human error. In the case of defective items, all you have to do is sign an RMA form and submit it to us. We will then send you a confirmation and a shipping label, and will process replacement items.

In the case of that the person returning the item/s are your customers, we suggest for you to replace the defective item with the same exact model of what they bought to eliminate customer waiting time. You can then follow our RMA process and get an exchange for the defective item.


What if the item I need replaced is out of stock?

In the case that the defective item that you need to replace is out of stock, we can suggest a similar or a higher model of the item, or issue a refund.



What quality of parts is used?


Only high-quality original parts are used for our repairs.


How long does it take for my orders to be processed?


Upon receipt of your payment, your orders will be processed within 1 – 4 business days. Sometimes, we can even have it processed within the afternoon of your payment!


What are your hours of operation?


Wireless Warehouse Wholesale is open five days a week, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST (excluding holidays).


Where is Wireless Warehouse Wholesale located?


Our Headquarters is found in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


What is the process for getting a phone or other mobile device repaired?


Simply create an online account, sign in, request a quote, and mail the device in. You will receive an email upon the receipt of your devices. Once the necessary repairs are complete, your device will be returned to you.


What if there is proprietary information on the phone?


We guarantee the security of all data stored on the device. Wireless Warehouse Wholesale takes great pride in making excellent repairs as well as working with the utmost integrity.