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Wireless Warehouse has created a simple program for any retailer to be involved in the wireless revolution and capitalize on selling cellular accessories. All the items are great quality, come in nice packaging, and come with a beautiful display that helps sell the items.

Here is a list of popular clients who buy our displays:

Convenience Stores

Variety Stores

Dollar Plus and General Merchandise Stores

Discount and Liquidation Stores

Dry Cleaners, Barber Shops, Hardware Stores

Gift Shops

College Shops/Library 

The opportunities on where you can place/sell these items are endless since these accessories are in demand and needed by so many people.

Join the Wireless Revolution by carrying Cellular Phone Accessories. Nowadays, nearly 9 out 10 adults ranging from 18-65 years old carry a cellular phone, they are part of our lifestyle and a necessity, So carrying the most popular accessories that people need and rely on a smart business move. Many businesses and retailers who have never sold any cellular products can now start with a low cost investment and purchase a beautiful display loaded with the top selling accessories –  no technical skills and training needed! All the items are in demand, whether with people travelling, breaking, or losing them, these items are sure to sell.

Each display holds anywhere from 78-124 items and will all cost you the same amount of $2.75/ea. We urge you sell them for $5.99 which will give you a 100% Mark Up.  As a promotion, your counter top display is FREE with the purchase of 150 items which can be mixed and matched.

The accessories include:

Universal USB Car & Wall Chargers

USB Charging Cables

Aux Cables

Head Phones

These 5 items make up about 75% of what people are looking for for their wireless devices. All you have to do is display it and people will buy it. Of course, having extra promotions and advertising will definitely help with the exposure. Posters are also available at no charge when you purchase your display.