Floor Display

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In addition, we also carry floor displays for retailers with more space in their store, and can accommodate up to 124 item. All items are packed in a nice retail blister packaging, and tri-lingual details in English, Spanish, and French.

We only stock the hottest selling accessories such as Chargers, USB cables, Headphones, and Aux Cables. these cover 80% of the most popular items in demand and usually what people need quite often; especially when traveling. So by carrying our line, you will benefit from a great opportunity: minimum investment with great returns.

These items cost $6.50 and can be sold as much as $20 without worrying about overpricing, since retailers and malls are selling similar or comparable items for over $25.  However, for the sake of selling them at a good rate and providing the best price to your clients, we suggest selling them around $15 is a great price point and will reap good margins.

All items come with 1-year hassle-free warranty which you can pass to your clients. If there are any issues, you can simply exchange the items for your client and send them back for a full credit/replacement.