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Takeadvantage of our Mobile Prepaid Top Up Program. It will build a brand newclientele base and customer loyalty – which will turn into recurring foot trafficto your store on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as increasing your salesand profits at the same time. While the Margins on the Prepaid air time arelow, there are no upfront costs, and initial investment required. You simplysell the desired air time card, collect, and remit after you collect from theclient. This is a great opportunity for your business not just on your revenues,but the repeat clientele this program brings. The added foot traffic allows youto cross sell other items in your inventory. Clients always need differentproducts and services, and prefer one-stop shops. Getting them back into yourlocation every week or month is a great asset/tool to have to be able to sellthem and make an additional revenue by selling Prepaid air time.

 WirelessWarehouse have teamed up with the largest Prepaid air time distributor inCanada to make it easy for you to get set up, give you all the details, andhelp you get signed up. Once you get signed up, our distributors will set upyour account and help you out going forward for all your air time needs.

 Youhave access to all of the Top Local Network Providers Prepaid Top up cards

Here is a list of Cellular Phone Provider Pre Paid Card Options

AsWell as long distance/ international Prepaid Top Up cards 

Call any phone, anywhere! Home phones arebecoming a thing of the past, and cellular devices are customer’s primarysource of communication. Whether you need to stay in touch with family, friends,or business colleagues around the world, long distance and international callscan be extremely costly. Long distance/ international Top Up cards providecustomers a cost efficient way to make long distance and international phonecalls while being cost effective.

Also Available International PrePaid Cellular Top Up Cards for Select Carriers We want to help keep family andfriends living far away from their loved ones connected at all times.International Mobile Top Ups allow you to top up anyone’s mobile device nomatter where they are in the world –  Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, MiddleEast just to name a few. It gives family and friends the piece of mind knowingtheir loved ones will always be connected.


Prepaid Card Terminal Overview 

Prepaid phone cards are profitable. You will have theability to diversify your revenue streamby selling prepaid cellular and long distance calling cards from more than 25different companies and carriers. It will allow you to have access to allprepaid cards and only pay for them after conducting sales. You earn revenue onevery transaction and there are no long term contracts!

PrepaidTerminal is a great way to sell this product. The advantages are:

– Noinventory

– Never runout of product

– No moneydown

– No leaseor long term contract to sign

– Attractnew customers

–Complete customerservice and support


Prepaid Card SaleOptions: 

There aretwo options to set up prepaid card sales:

1. Web Base: you can log in, generate sales, andprint vouchers through a regular printer.

2. POS Terminal: This is similar to a credit cardmachine which prints out vouchers through its own printer. However, the machinehas a monthly service fee of $10 per week (waived if you do a minimum of $100 aweek in sales).


How longdoes it take to get the terminal or set up for web sales?

Once we receivethe application, it generally takes 2-3 business days to get the applicationapproved. The web based integration and set up usually take one business day.If you require the terminal then allow 3 business days for your terminal toarrive from receiving the application and approving it.


The cellular carriers the prepaid terminal programworks with are:

Most majorcompanies such as Bell, Virgin, Telus, Koodo, Fido and Rogers.


Commission percentage you will make per sale:

The averageof all cellular prepaid cards is 3%. See The Details Below for the List ofServices and Commissions earned per product.  

How to Get Started? 

It is supereasy. You simply fill out the application form on our website with your bankdetails and return along with a void check from your bank account where youwant the funds to be withdrawn for the calling cards you sell. You will receivea weekly report showing all sold cards and the amount owed. Funds will bedebited from your account the same day! 

Should youhave any Further Questions Please call Tel. 519-566-1553x221 and or email

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